The Awakening of Sunshine Girl - Paige McKenzie, Alyssa B. Sheinmel
Book Synopsis:

Sunshine Griffith can communicate with ghosts. Even more amazing, she recently discovered—with the help of her would-be boyfriend, Nolan—that she’s a luiseach, one of an ancient race of creatures who have lived among humans for centuries, protecting them from dark spirits and helping them move on to the afterlife. Now, Sunshine’s powers are awakening and she feels spirits everywhere—intense and sometimes overwhelming.

Eager to get her supernatural abilities under control, Sunshine agrees to begin training with her mentor, her estranged father Aidan. He takes her to an abandoned compound deep in the Mexican jungle. But what she learns there about her powers, and her family history, turns out to be more terrifying than Sunshine could have imagined. Can anything—Aidan’s experiments, her friendship with another luiseach named Lucio, even Nolan’s research—prepare Sunshine to face the frightening woman who haunts her dreams, and to finally learn the truth about the rift that threatens the future of the luiseach and all of humankind?

The stakes grow ever higher in this sequel to The Haunting of Sunshine Girl, revealing that Sunshine has to protect more than her own friends and family—she may be the key to saving the entire human race.

My Review:

I give this book a 3 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed the first book in this trilogy so I had to keep reading to see what happens next. The author grabs you in the first book and make you want more.

16 year old Sunshine is a girl like no other. She has a gift and with her father’s help she is learning how it use it. Lots of twists and turns in this book. You will find love, sadness, spirits, and a mother that wants to kill you buried in these pages. You will find that the first part of this book is slow but keep going it gets better. The ending will make you want more. If you liked the first book give this one a try.
A Court of Wings and Ruin - Sarah J. Maas

Looming war threatens all Feyre holds dear in the third volume of the #1 New York Times bestselling A Court of Thorns and Roses series.

Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin’s manoeuvrings and the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to its knees. But to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit – and one slip may spell doom not only for Feyre, but for her world as well.

As war bears down upon them all, Feyre must decide who to trust amongst the dazzling and lethal High Lords – and hunt for allies in unexpected places.

In this thrilling third book in the #1 New York Times bestselling series from Sarah J. Maas, the earth will be painted red as mighty armies grapple for power over the one thing that could destroy them all.

My Thoughts:

I’m sad to see it’s over…. or is it? I hope not.

Sadness, love, disappointment, worry, excitement, all wrapped up in one book.

Rhys, Feyre, Cassian, Azriel, Lucien, Nesta, Elain, Mor, Amren and many others working together to fight for peace, love and happiness. Very exciting scenes in this book. It did get a little slow when it came to the planning of everything. You will see what I mean when you read the book.

Highly recommend these books!
— feeling sleepy
The Simplicity of Cider: A Novel - Amy E. Reichert

I could not get into this book . Sadly I had to DNF the book.

If you thought the first book was good wait untill you read this one... OMG
I've heard so much about this series I had to sit down and check it out for myself. the beginning of the book was a little slow but once I got into it I couldn't put the book down.


UnEnchanted - Chanda Hahn Very good book. Have to find the second book to see what happens next!

Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding - Deanna Lynn Sletten Very good book on how a tropical island and a wedding can bring two people back together.....

Everything, Everything

Everything, Everything - Nicola Yoon All I can say is wow. When I was beginning to realize what was going on with the girl in this story it threw me for a loop. like all other books I've read the ending made me smile!

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl: Book One

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl: Book One - Paige McKenzie, Alyssa B. Sheinmel OMG what a great book. Hard to put it down. Can't wait to pick up the 2nd book.

Once and for All

Once and for All - Sarah Dessen very cute book!

Into the Water

Into the Water - Paula Hawkins I give this book 5 stars. It grabs you right from the start.

This Life I Live: One Man's Extraordinary, Ordinary Life and the Woman Who Changed It Forever

This Life I Live: One Man's Extraordinary, Ordinary Life and the Woman Who Changed It Forever - Rory Feek What a beautiful storie about hope, loss, and true love.

Lying in Wait

Lying in Wait - Liz Nugent Psychological suspense at it's finest. I had a hard time putting this book down. That's a good thing right? lol. I loved how the author split up all the characters, but entwined them together in a way that you could still figure out who did what and why they did what they did.

Your Kids Are Your Own Fault: A Guide for Raising Responsible, Productive Adults

Your Kids Are Your Own Fault: A Guide for Raising Responsible, Productive Adults - Larry Winget I gave this book 5 stars because after reading it it gave me the insight and the know how to change the things that I have been doing wrong all these years with my kids! this is a great read for those parents and grandparents that want to turn their kids around to make them better adults later on in life!

Have a Happy Family by Friday: How to Improve Communication, Respect & Teamwork in 5 Days

Have a Happy Family by Friday: How to Improve Communication, Respect & Teamwork in 5 Days - Kevin Leman very interesting book indeed. lots of useful information I wish I would have known before when my children were young. now that I have 3 step-children I'm going to use this information to make my home happier place to be.

My Not So Perfect Life

My Not So Perfect Life - Sophie Kinsella Never judge a person untill you get to know them. They may seem to have a perfect life, or do they? This was a wounderful book. Hard to put put down even through there were some slow parts. I would highly recommend this book to my friends.